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I have done art all my life.  I admit I never even thought much about it until I was in High School and I realized I might actually be good at it.  

I went to college and took art but I admit that doing art for a living was discouraged. I ended up working at the first job I could get. While working with preschoolers,  I decided art education was my love.  Not only did I get to do what I loved I also had the chance to share it with others.  I was amazed at the magic that art had over lives.

But life has a habit of stealing away what gives us life. The saying " Being so busy making a living, that you don't have a life" is so true.  Teaching had a way of swallowing life up and leaving little time for art.

I admit to waking up one day and realizing that art had been pushed far far far back in my life.   

My life was slipping by and my artwork stagnated  for over 10 years.  I knew this needed to change .


So I  took the plunge and switched from teacher and artist to artist and teacher. 


I thank my husband for encouraging me to make this change. I'm a far happier person. I still love teaching art but producing art is my love my passion and my obsession. 

-Charlotte Arndt Mitchell

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